September 08, 2022

Farmer Joe prepares to build on some acreage. The property is flat and square, with neat hedges along the perimeter.

A foundation has been dug in an L shape. There is a tree stump with 3 axes next to it, 8 uncut logs, a rosster weather vane, 3 piles of lumber, and a large boulder with 2 pick axes nearby.

There is also a blueprint of a barn, a parchment and a box.

Farmer Joe consults the blueprint, peaks into the box and then starts building.

Farmer Joe makes progress with the structure, adding posts, the log shell, and stones for the foundation.

Meanwhile, a Sheep peaks from behind the boulder, spying on Joe.

Joe takes a break and drains the contents of a hip flask.

The Shepherd writes:

"Genesis Landowners:

Acreage to build upon is precious.

Compatible terrain is required to erect Structures."

What is in the box?


Farmer Joe Begins Building a Structure

Farmer Joe Begins Building a Structure