July 14, 2022

The Shepherd hints at Full Game details, saying that each of the phases of the game thus far will be an influence on the coming product.

"I cannot share all details of the full Wolf Game just yet.

But I can share this: each of V1, Risky Game, Alpha Game, and Cave Game have influenced the rules and risks of the game you will play."

- The Shepherd


- V1 introduced breeding, Wool accumulation, taxation and the novel Risk Protocol of NFTs stealing other NFTs.

- Risky Game involved playing it safe or gambling everything for a larger pouch of Wool. Outcomes were determined by the number of players choosing each option.

- Alpha Game featured Wool and animal staking and competitive group dynamics.

- Cave Game featured more Web 2.0-like game play with players exploring gaves to accumulate Gems while spending Wool on items to help them succeed.

Considering the sucess of each of those games this message is embraced as a bullish sign by the Wolf Game Community.

Shep delivered this message on the monthly Full Moon as has become a custom.


Shep Teases Full Game Details During Full Moon