June 11, 2022

Shep again displays generosity and recognition of the Wolf Game Community by rewarding Gems to 5 uniquely dedicated players.

1. For burning the most WOOL without discovering a Gem: Player 0xa5c01e0235363082e3bae5f5f39848ae5bbe6796, who torched 68,569 WOOL in the Caves.

2. For taking the most steps without discovering a Gem: Player 0xfa43c78af9e7aa87dcb1e552645b27cc952108dd, owner of Wolf #8880, who trekked 12,430 steps.

3. For the most digs without discovering a Gem: Player 0xbda9492f42067f96d4574b3104a339ce0d74810e, owner of 5 Sheep who collectively broke the earth 2,075 times.

4. For the Sheep owner whose 6 Sheep returned 155 Parchment to their Packs and never discovered a Gem: Player 0xa1a1ea2f4ef2c85d24de68057939c1d2daf4a131.

5. For the most loyal Wolf owner, Player 0x536835937de4340f73d98ac94a6be3da98f51fe3, whose 1 Wolf and 4 Sheep returned 131 Parchment to Pack #4418 and never discovered a Gem.


Shep Rewards Select Players with Gems