November 18, 2021

With a cryptic tweet Wolf Game begins.

“Wolf Game: Thousands of Sheep and Wolves compete on a farm in the metaverse. A tempting prize of $WOOL awaits, with deadly high stakes.

NFTs meet DeFi in this first-of-its-kind, fully on-chain risk protocol with novel tokenomics.”

The Plot is described, in which Sheep congregate on a quaint farm in the metaverse. Farmers shear the Sheep to harvest their $WOOL. With the $WOOL the Farmers can buy more Sheep…

But Wolves lurk, and they run a protection racket where they demand a tax on the sheared $WOOL in exchange for not stealing the Sheep.

A novel economy is establish based on risk, with Sheep and Wolves introduced as the first players.

- 10K max Genesis Sheep and Wolves.
- Players have a 90% chance of minting a Sheep, and a 10% chance of minting a Wolf.
- Sheep and Wolves can be staked to earn $WOOL.
- Sheep earn 10K $WOOL per day.
- Wolves earn a 20% tax on all Sheep $WOOL production.
- $WOOL is the deflationary utility token on the farm: used to mint the 40K Gen 1 Sheep and Wolves.
- Every time a Gen 1 Sheep is minted, $WOOL is burned, decreasing supply forever.
- Staked Wolves have a 10% a stealing all new non-Genesis Sheep.
- If Sheep unstake there is a 50% chance of all $WOOL being stolen by staked Wolves.

But some Wolves are stronger than others and get a bigger piece of the take based on their Alpha scores.

This is only the beginning …

👉 🧵

Wolf Game

Wolf Game Begins