November 23, 2021

The Shepherd presents his plan to fix the exploit:

"Thank you for your commitment to the game and faith in me. You have graciously navigated the unexpected twists & turns of Phase 1.

Before moving to the next phase, my #1 priority is to resolve vulnerabilities and maintain the game's integrity.

Tonight I present a plan.

#1: Solutions

I am working with additional developers to identify solutions meeting 3 criteria:

1. NFTs stay secure and controlled by owners

2. $WOOL earnings for Sheep and Wolves are claimable and accurate

3. Vulnerability risks are mitigated

#2: $10,000 Bounties

We have seen the power of the developer community.

Before deploying fixes, I will release source code and call for a pressure test.

A reward will be given for identifying & solving bugs impacting game integrity or player safety.

#3: 3rd Party Audit

I will leave no stone unturned for the future of the game. A 3rd Party Auditor will be hired for a complete code review.

This will take time, for the safety and integrity of the game.

#4: Resume the Game

You have already experienced Phase 1 of Wolf Game.

The game is currently paused. Following deployment of the fixes, we will resume. Much more awaits us.

- The Shepherd"


Shep Presents the Plan to Fix the Exploit