November 25, 2021

After the contract exploit and game pause The Shepherd presents a plan for the rescue and long term protection of WOOL.

At the time of game pause on 76M WOOL was burned. Far less than the 1.8B expected. To remove a large amount of WOOL from circulation WOOL Pouches are introduced.

- WOOL Pouches are innovative NFTs that are tradable and store ERC-20 tokens ($WOOL).

- Every WOOL Pouch starts with a finite WOOL supply.

- The first 10,000 WOOL are immediately accessible to the minter. This gives everyone a chance to burn 10,000 WOOL in exchange for a Farmer.

- The remaining WOOL in the Pouch unlocks at a constant rate over 4 years.

- A player may claim any unlocked WOOL or trade the Pouch including the WOOL inside at anytime.

Shep also hints at Risky Game.


Shep Presents Plan to Rescue Wool