November 26, 2021

"We have been seeking the safest path to rescuing your Sheep & Wolves.

Following in the path of pioneers like @EtherOrcs, @CyberKongz, and more, we will migrate to a new smart contract.

What is the migration?

The migration will create for you an exact copy of your NFT. It will also lock your legacy NFT containing the vulnerability.

Why did we select this solution?

All developers we spoke with agreed that it is the safest option to retrieve your NFTs.

When and where will we perform the migration?

Part of safety is simplicity.

Holders of Sheep and Wolves will be able to migrate their NFTs through the Wolf Game website by connecting their MetaMask wallet.

We are targeting Saturday for the full migration.

How will the migration work?

You will simply claim your NFT from the new, official collection.

If your legacy NFT is currently staked: it will burn with the barn. If it is in your wallet: it will burn when you claim.

All traits and metadata will remain exactly the same.

As part of the plan, we call upon developers in the community. We have seen your strength and are grateful for your efforts.

We will award bug bounties of up to $50,000, based on severity, for bugs impacting our new, soon to be released smart contracts. Keep an eye out.

To players of the game: I'm proud of your resiliency and confident in our future.

Thank you for being here. Onwards.

The WOOL you have accumulated is safe.

It will be delivered in the form of a WOOL Pouch once we have safely rescued your Wolves and Sheep."

- The Shepherd


Shep Presents Migration Plan

Shep Presents Migration Plan