November 22, 2021

Following the game pause The Shepherd makes a big announcement:


I introduce you to the new Wolf Game, a full-feature blockchain economy to be released in 2022.

Today, you may:

1. Begin your quest toward farm dominance by sacrificing WOOL to gain a farmer

2. Lay claim to one of only 20,000 genesis Land parcels in the game.

In the first phase of the game, you discovered precious WOOL. You experienced Sheep earning WOOL, Wolves taxing Sheep, and Wolves thieving without bounds. You have expressed that the Wolf Game played so far is unlike all other games, and you thought you'd seen it all.

The new Wolf Game will bring rich new opportunities to strategize and prosper, while greatly benefitting the original players of the game. To Gen 0 Sheep & Wolves: you rose from these lands, and they are yours on which to live, breed, produce, thieve, and prosper.

Today, I bequeath one parcel of land to each of the 10,000 Gen 0 Sheep & Wolves. A finite resource, only 20,000 genesis land parcels will ever exist in Wolf Game. Each is unique and randomly assigned, with varying acreage, resources, and capabilities.

To help make the most of this opportunity, I will also provide a farmer to manage your land and multiply its capabilities. Each comes with a unique set of skills. To ensure your commitment, I ask you to burn 10,000 WOOL to receive a farmer.

You shall enter these lands rich in WOOL and opportunity, and you will build, breed, cultivate, and govern them to the best of your abilities.

Good luck.

- The Shepherd"



Phase 2 Begins